For Sale By Owner

LogoJust like any good listing a FSBO (pronounced “Fizzbo) needs to grab any prospective home buyer’s attention. Beginning with its headline, and it needs to keep them interested to receive the offers to purchase. With so many home buyers turning to the Internet to start their home search, it’s vital your FSBO listing gets noticed and that doesn’t happen often without it appearing on page one of Google search. While high pixel photos are important and the right listing price does spark interest, your property description adds important information any would-be home buyers use to determine whether they want to pursue your “For Sale By Owner” home.

Put a little thought into creating your blurb appeal when wordsmithing a great FBSO listing. Don’t just add a long list of amenities – strive to make an emotional connection with your home buying audience by using descriptive words that lead them through a verbal tour of your homes features and what makes it special.

Most, if not all the best real estate agents hire professional writers to improve their property listings and might be an option to consider. If you enjoy writing in a journal, or have a blog it’s likely you have the skills to create your FSBO listing on your own. Start by walking through your home and asking yourself, what would catch the eye of potential home  buyers? If you have a hard time putting yourself in their shoes, ask a friend, who’s less familiar with your house, to do a walk-through and find out what catches their eye.

Markets change! Depending on the amount of listings to look through, home buyers often skim listings. 

Baltimore For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


You have a limited amount of time to grab their attention. Writing an eye-catching headline is the first opportunity to entice a would-be home buyer into learning more about your property. While words like beautiful or gorgeous evoke feelings, they don’t tell home buyers much and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Instead, think about the features your property offers that others lack and sets your property apart for other homes for sale in your area. Simply put, headline stand out, and it might be your best shot at getting a home buyer to notice your property.

In the world of real estate business it really comes down to one simple fact – getting home buyers to view your home in person! While doing any surfing on line home buyers general look by price and location and features like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and total size of the property. Make sure you provide this information early in your listing, then make other details descriptive with vivid word choices. Try some well-placed adjectives (but not too many) and more specific details to highlight your home’s unique features, including any recent upgrades. However, don’t overload home buyers with information to the point they quit reading – be detailed without being verbose. 

You can visually show buyers what your house looks like with clear, high pixel photos of beautifully staged interior and exterior scenes and create great YouTube presentations as well.

Memphis For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


Compliment and keyword your imaging with written content that adds more facets to what home buyers can see. Make sure you create an accurate description – that means don’t describe a room that it isn’t! Watch out for that fine line between creating a positive description and embellishments, which are likely to only lead to more likely than not wasting your time showing your home to misrepresented home buyers.

Oahu Homes for Sale (FSBO)

Descriptions should, however cover details that the best pictures won’t reveal, like a panoramic view you get while watching a summer sunset from your eco-friendly, recycled pine deck.

Oahu For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


Avoid slang or emojos, and double-check your spellings, which can ruin the impact of an otherwise perfect FSBO listing description. Have someone who you know is a good reader to proof your listing description to ensure you didn’t miss anything. Also, don’t use ALL CAPS or numerous exclamation points to communicate enthusiasm. Many readers find these tactics annoying and they can actually diminish your efforts.

One final area is the power of search engine optimization (SEO). This power tool affects the visibility of your listing on a web page and in the competitive world of real estate, you need top billing. When your FSBO is listed with an affiliated FSBO member in our social networks, it gets high-ranking SEO that helps your listing appear sooner and higher in search engine results.


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