Claim & Optimize “Google My Business” For local SEO Marketing!

It is very important for every local business to claim their Google My Business. Don’t worry, this platform is free, and you can get incredible exposure if you have optimized your business to show up in Google’s local listings.

If your business is previously on Google My Business page, you can always claim your business. There will be a verification process that you will need to go through where Google will send a postcard with a PIN to your physical business location. After that, you just log in and key in the PIN to verify your business.

Once you have claimed your “Google My Business,” then comes the optimization part for local SEO Marketing.

Google favors businesses that categorize their listing under the most relevant category. For example, if you are an Italian restaurant, you should pick the category “Italian restaurant” instead of just “restaurant.” When optimizing Google My Business, don’t skip to:

  • Write a solid description of your business.
  • List your business in the right category.
  • Update your business operating hours.
  • Types of payments accepted.
  • Upload the logo or the photo of your business for people to recognize it.
  • Add at least ten quality photos of your products or services.
  • Check the most popular times of the day and consider Google Adwords or freelance to work organically to drive visitors.
  • Use the new Google Posts feature to stand out.

If you’re unfamiliar with online marketing, search engine optimization or SEO and social media marketing is a significant part of any digital strategy for your business. If you are serious about attracting leads and business online but don’t actively do SEO on your site, it’s time to get the start.


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