Learn how SEO and Social Media Marketing Related and how to work together to improve rankings


SEO and SMM both are organic strategies which will help you to attract customers with your natural attraction and branding. This means they’re also inbound marketing plans that utilize content to draw in visitors.

We have to create quality content for our social media marketing regardless of our other efforts. Improving this content with well-researched SEO keywords and phrases will get even more visitors (which can convert into a lead) also, makes our content more valuable and gives us a proper place to put all those keywords so Google won’t be hitting us for keyword stuffing and other slights against the search engine.

This becomes even more important when we consider the changes that Google did to its algorithm several recently.

After that, marketers had to face the fact that raw like counts on social media posts don’t boost search rankings, which makes SEO’s place in your SMM campaign even more important.

Learn more from Developing SEO with Social Media Marketing


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