Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses | 2018

Take your business to the next level by applying these strategies.

Did you know Instagram is a less aggressive and a more user-engaged marketing platform, compared to large marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter? 

We all know Instagram is a quickest raising floor and modern companies are willing to establish their presence and fans on this surpassing marketing platform.

We can’t resist the fact that our business requires being alive on Instagram. There are more than 700 million active users on Instagram every single month. It’s one of the best marketing platforms for businesses to reach our potential customers in every corner of the world.

We don’t need to spend a large amount of money to market our business or for paid advertising and get automatic Instagram likes from real people. like we need for others platform like Facebook.

Below are the Proven Instagram marketing tips for business.

 1. Get advantage of free Instagram tools.

Instagram tools are like another gold mine for our marketing. Instagram business profiles are heavily reflected Facebook business page. It has several options for contact and allowing users to email, call or text to the business.

Business profiles on IG have access to their analytics. So that We can check our insights also all other user action data. which will allow us to take all the advantages of these free tools.

Applying these tools to IG can support our business/brand to grow faster. 

2. Increase reach with Hashtags

Planning the relevant Hashtags (#) can increase our reach on IG. It also helps us to promote our user-engagement. Applying Interactive #Hashtags on our stories is the established method to interact with our viewers. It can be campaign particular or standard, but the point is to assure us that they are relevant.

using the brand hashtag (#businessyname), and considering to use them across our Instagram post can helps our audience to know more about our product or service also helps our brand to get visibility on Instagram. 

3. Sponsored posts

Doing sponsored posts helps us to get large exposure and growing the bigger engagement. It’s the cheapest way to any ad platform to promote any business.

We need to find IG accounts who are taking money from sponsored posts. As we know there are many profiles for the purpose of selling featured shout-outs to several brands and companies.

Once we get ready for selecting a sponsored post. Please, make sure to think amazing points, like review their previous posts and see what type of style of Images receiving the higher no engagement. The main thing for doing this is just for understanding the particular strategy to getting better engagement on our posts.

Trying this tactic will help us to get new followers, and it can be an enormous impact on our Instagram marketing.

4. Cross Promoting/Tagging

We can take full benefit of cross promoting by tagging our partners. It can help both of us to make our brand famous. The trend of IG is to share the love, by tagging each other and even by promoting our partner company or products.

Cross promoting is one of the established IG marketing tips for our online business. It helps our brand to grow by making new chances approximately every day.

5. Build anticipation with IG stories

Always try to keep the audience interested in the content. Posting videos will engage our audience and lure them to check out our blog post. which will also help to drive the visitor to our site.

It is like valuable our loyal fans with such exclusive contents. Make such photo and videos that build anticipation or satisfy curiosity for our brand. This will help us to get IG followers and open the discoverability of our name. 

6. Be tactical with bio link

Make sure to use a link in bio to connect the audience with the business landing page. It holds the same story we put on IG and offers us to join potential customers, promote our business/brand/service and also helps us to gain followers in our business profile.

It is one of the easiest and fastest strategies for instant growth of any business.

Trying these free tools can help our brand to grow faster. So Take your business to the next level by applying these strategies.




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