5 Benefits Of Facebook Advertising


Social media is today’s most powerful digital marketing tool and Facebook is one of the highest traffic platforms in the world; with the average American investing two hours a day at Facebook alone!

Real estate agents need to leverage this powerful use of social media, while creating a strategy, and develop insight about social content creation and original engagement. Facebook Ads are one of the helpful tools to do that, and is a cost-effective marketing tool?

Facebook Ads and Sponsored

Once you find your niche and create a social media strategy, you want to post appropriate and worthy content; you might grapple with how to really get that content to reach your target audience. 

Facebook gives a couple of paid promotion options, including traditional website style banner advertising, as well as sponsored stories, which raises the reach of your content, so it performs as a post in someone’s news feed.

Facebook supports you to directly target specific demographics, which is huge when you work in a business that motto is “Location Location Location”. Depending on the content you are creating, you can promote it to somebody based on their area, salary, age, home ownership status, including online presence.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising 

1) Facebook’s Marketing tools let you see your potential reach; meaning you know how many people are likely to see it based on your targeting and budget.

2) You can start off with a small budget, spending as little as $10 to promote a story or listing. You can also control your spending as the campaign is in progress, and information about extended reach means you can define ”ROI’ before performing in a campaign.

3) Facebook permits you to retarget visitors who visit your website or who are in your database. You can change the budget, length, also target at any time during an advertisement campaign, allowing for strategic flexibility.

4) You can track actions people take after seeing your ads on multiple devices like your laptops, mobile phone, tablets, or desktops. By building a Facebook pixel and adding it to the business pages of your website where conversions happen, you will see who visitors turns as a result of your Facebook ads.

5) When you use the Facebook Pixel with your bid you can optimize your website’s conversions, and your ads will automatically be shown to people who are most likely to convert.

Facebook is a great social platform that can be used to apply grow to your business and drive sales, but you need a robust inbound strategic, and understand how to integrate Facebook marketing into your overall social marketing marketing plan.

Some companies don’t know how to use targeting efficiently, displaying ads and stories to the wrong people and wasting money. Green-medias can help you avoid errors, plus develop a marketing strategy to help you deliver classy content to the right people, developing website traffic, and creating leads and conversions.



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