Simple Marketing Tips for small business 2018


Advertising is a method by which a good or service is offered and promoted to likely customers.
Below are six simple marketing tips for small business based on Digital word.
1) Target and Competitors
* who is being targeted as a part of your marketing needs?
* Identify your competitor, Their customer reviews also analyze their marketing activities
* Make a checklist of their best works.
2) Optimize Website 
* Use targeted Keywords inside headlines
* Keep your content fresh and unique also eye-catching.
* Make it easy for your visitors to find your contact info.
3) Off-page SEO Optimization
* List your website infamous directories also post Ads in high traffic websites
* Grow your backlinks using the top quality blog plus forum sites.
* Make high-quality videos that will promote your products or service also market them on the popular site like YT, Vimeo, Viddler, Facebook etc.
4) Content update
* Create a blog section on your website to educate people.
* Share relevant information about your business in your blog section.
5) Social Media Marketing.
* Build a social channel using popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.
* Build connections using social media interaction.
* Provide a short description of your products or service through social media.
* Publish relevant content through social media sites even though seldom the content is not designed by your team.
6) Email Marketing
* Grow your email list using landing pages.
* Communicate with customers using email as required.
* Deliver relevant info about your products or service through email marketing.
The core of our business success lies in its marketing. Most phases of your business depend on strong marketing. The overall marketing sunshade covers promotion, public relations, publicity, and sales. 

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