Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

We are all aware of how many social media followers we had. If you are a marketer, you know that the number of followers doesn’t mean it turns into value, but also having many followers doesn’t mean it’s just nothing. Having many followers is one of the important aspects that buyers or consumers are looking for. If you have fewer followers, they will be having difficult times in trusting you. The more followers you had, the more you can influence or reach your audience. If you are building social media presence, then you must consider these tips to gain more followers.

1.      Follow Legitimate, Relevant Accounts
To get followed you must be a follower first. In order for you to gain followers, you need to follow legitimate personalities that are related to your business. The first essential tip in building your own following is to consider several tactics of others that are effective. These people will only follow you, if your social media accounts are full of information that is relevant to their business, too. You should also follow those accounts that are active and working with their social media accounts. In this way, you can have someone to brainstorm with or even share ideas and tactics.
Some ways to hunt good accounts to follow:
·        Look at who influencers follow.
The profiles of key influencers in my vertical are one of my favorite places to mine followers. Do this only if they have a positive follow-to-following ratio; that is, they are followed by many but only follow relatively few. That way you know they are selective about whom they follow, and the people they follow are more likely to be high quality.
        Check out Twitter lists. On Twitter, check to see if key people you’re following have any public lists. A Twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users. If you find a good list, you can subscribe to it (in which case you’ll get tweets from people in the list in your feed without following them), or follow people from the list. As an example, here’s my list of “Best Digital Marketers.”
        “Best People to Follow on…” lists. Search for published lists of recommended accounts to follow in your areas of interest. Be careful though; not all of these lists are well-curated. Sometimes they recommend people just because they are famous. For instance, I’ve seen recent lists for top marketers or SEOs that include Matt Cutts, even though Matt has had almost nothing to say about those topics since he left Google to take a job with the government early this year. Best are lists created by people whom you already know and trust.
        Groups and communities. Join groups and communities on FacebookLinkedIn, and other networks that have them, and watch for those who consistently make valuable contributions. Follow them, and they will probably lead you to other good people to follow.
2.      Have Something to Show & Share.
If you want to be followed by many people, your social media accounts should have something unique or something that they can see. People will only follow you if they see that you are posting information or interesting things. Make sure that in your social media accounts, you have these things.
        A complete profile. People will trust you and your social media accounts if they see that you are not hiding anything from the public. Make sure that you filled up everything that social media account asking from you.
        A valuable feed. People are really a fan of getting into someone’s life or reading good and exciting things about something. Make sure that your account has these things, people will get interested if they see that you have something that they want to see or read. Create a valuable feed for them, if you want to gain them.
3.      Be Active & Engaged.
One of the things that followers want is an active account; an account that is engaging with them, sharing ideas and information from time to time, updating status or feeds, that’s what people want. In order for you to gain a huge amount of followers, is for you to be more active and open to them. Don’t make a habit of sharing someone’s post; make sure that you make a mark with your post so people will remember you.
These are few tips for you to gain more followers. Remember followers are important too because they can be your niche or influencers, as your business grows.



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